Lease Finance Partners


Busting the myth that buying is easier

If you look up the pros and cons of leasing, the pain points tend to look like this: Lots of paperwork. Slow approvals. Strict contracts. Why go through the hassle when you can buy outright? The truth is that leasing is easier than most people think. It really comes down to the leasing partner you choose, and our approach stands out for its streamlined simplicity.

We deliver fast and hassle-free lease financing for one of the most expensive parts of running a business: procuring equipment. Owning your business assets may give you more control over them, but leasing gives you more control over your cash flow, which is the lifeblood of any business. For this reason, equipment leasing makes good financial sense, especially for small businesses with limited capital. Even if you have the cash on hand to make an upfront purchase, that doesn’t mean you should. Here are six compelling reasons why leasing through LFP is actually easier than buying.

  1. Quick access to financing
    Business goals should never have to wait on a long and drawn-out approval process. Expedited financing helps companies hit the ground running and maintain business continuity.
  2. Fast affordability
    Lease financing spreads out the cost of new equipment into low monthly payments, which make it possible for businesses to afford virtually any type of equipment: feed processing machinery, security systems, the latest computers, fleet vehicles and more.
  3. Flexible lease terms
    No business is exactly the same. In fact, most of the clients we serve operate in different industries, use different tools and adhere to different budgets. We not only offer fast equipment financing, but also customized lease agreements for unique financial situations.
  4. Smarter, simpler budgeting
    Managing capital is so much easier with lease agreements that offer predictable payments and no surprise fees. Lease financing covers the entire cost of equipment, including shipping, installation, training and other equipment-related expenses.
  5. All-inclusive costs
    The purchase price of equipment can be steep. Add to that the cost of routine maintenance, insurance and repairs. Fixing a major issue could exhaust or exceed your available funds, resulting in significant downtime. With lease financing, most of these costs are covered.
  6. Hassle-free upgrades
    Under a lease agreement, you can swap obsolete equipment for the latest and greatest model. Equipment upgrades save you the cost of buying new, not to mention the time it takes to find a buyer for your old, depreciated equipment.

Equipment purchases have the appeal of a one-and-done deal, but leasing remains a far more popular and proven financing method. In addition to helping businesses obtain the equipment they need to grow, we also work with equipment sellers to provide their customers with leasing solutions. Bottom line? LFP makes leasing a breeze for businesses in need of financing for equipment.