Lease Finance Partners


We’re LFP and we weren’t born yesterday

Our story began in the 1950s, around the time leasing became a popular way to finance company cars. We were partnering with dealerships and helping businesses build their fleets. Equipment leasing was still a novel idea. As new technologies arrived to revolutionize productivity, equipment leasing offered the ideal solution for funding. Those new technologies — computers and printers, for example — were costly. By partnering with us, businesses could afford to innovate.

Ever since, we’ve been introducing customers to the full potential of lease financing. Not just for vehicles, but for a variety of business assets. Many people still associate the leasing industry with cars, even though 8 out of 10 of businesses lease most or all of their equipment.

Smart businesses recognize that keeping up with the latest technology is more important than owning it. Lease financing not only helps them operate on the leading edge, but it also delivers maximum customer value. Leasing models have evolved to provide flexible lease options based on a business’s unique industry needs. This means all-inclusive financing that covers the cost of installation and maintenance.

We call ourselves Lease Finance Partners because we are more than a car lease company. We finance a wide range of equipment for clients who operate across multiple industries — oil and gas, medical, manufacturing, agriculture and cannabis, to name a few.

We are a business partner. Vendors come to us for help financing equipment and vehicle sales. Business owners come to us for smart lease options that conserve capital and free up credit lines. Why do they choose LFP? Our process is well-oiled for efficiency. We deliver quotes, approvals and funding fast, which makes clients want to work with us again and again. It’s a win-win for all parties.

If you’re a vendor or business owner who envisions expansion, acquiring the necessary tools can be difficult. You have challenges to overcome. Bring them to us. And see why 60 years’ worth of experience matters in the leasing industry.